I'll try not to bore you as I explain my journey into writing. It actually began at a young age thanks to poetry and Will Smith. Yep, The Fresh Prince of Belair is why I'm here. I remember watching an episode where Will had to recite a poem in class. Being unprepared as he usually was, he stepped up to the podium with no lyrics to recite. He paused for a moment, surveyed the classroom and stopped on a clock hanging on the wall. And there, it began..... Tic toc clock. The clock is ticking for you. 'Cause the love you said you'd give, is coming up way past due. 

The classroom went crazy! And needless to say, a poet/writer was born that evening. Fast forward a few years later to me earning a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from Florida International University. After that, I was accepted into the Miami Ad School copywriting program where I earned "Top Dog" honors (because of a poem I wrote). 

These days I’m part of a great team producing work for brands like McDonald’s and Tobacco Free Florida. I haven't been able to sneak a poem into a commercial yet, but trust me, that time is coming. Tic toc clock....